6 Popular Engagement Ring Styles For Every Budget


Engagements are always popping up on our timelines especially during the holiday season. And as such, people are always looking to have the perfect engagement rings when the moment comes.

You may be looking around at engagement rings to get one for a surprise proposal. It could also be that you’re browsing together at a jewelry store with your loved one or maybe you’re looking to send a hint. Whatever the case, we have a range of engagement rings that you can use to pop the question.

Keep in mind that when it comes to fine jewelry purchases, it’s important that you get smart about funds. That’s why we have a range of proposal rings that you can choose from. 

Engagement Ring Styles For Every Budget

A lot of couples are always looking forward to the moment when they will get engaged. But engagements can only be complete with an engagement ring. The challenge, however, is that these rings can be your bank accounts’ enemy.

If you’re looking for an affordable engagement ring, you will need to think outside the box. That’s considering that bigger carat sizes, unique settings, and flawless clarity all hike up the cost of an engagement ring. This can make your dream lab-grown engagement ring a very serious investment.

Let’s talk about the different engagement rings styles and you can determine the one that fits into your budget.

  1. Diamond Eternity Rings

Engagement Ring Styles

The diamond eternity ring is a symbol of everlasting love and it’s defined as a ring with a continuous line of stone. It’s a great alternative to a classic diamond engagement ring. That’s because it offers an all-around sparkle but can be more discreet.

Styles for this beautiful ring range from the colorful and playful bands to engagement rings set with statement-making emerald-cut diamonds. Some people prefer to wear an eternity band with its diamond eternity engagement ring counterpart.

When selecting a wedding band to match with your engagement ring, it’s best to match color and keep the rings flush with each other. This will ensure that one doesn’t overshadow the other. Remember that the objective is to create an elegant and effortless combination of rings.

And because this ring adorns diamonds until its back, you can expect that this will cost more. Depending on your preference, you can opt for diamonds with small carat so you can save on the price and still get that dream engagement ring.

  1. Side Stone Engagement Rings

Engagement rings with smaller diamonds alongside the main center stone bring out a look that’s both vintage and modern. The side stones add to the unique beauty of the ring, giving it an eye-catching appeal.

The size, shape, and color of the stones provide thousands of various combinations for the customization of the ring. The customization can be based on your personal style or any other consideration.

Consider gemstones that match your fiancé’s birth month. You can also get it in your favorite color or engagement month. Note that side stones can be delicate and feminine. Either way, the side stone engagement ring is classic and modern. 

  1. Tension Engagement Rings

This style of diamond engagement rings is very modern and sleek. The diamond is held together by the tension between the edges of the band. This happens without any prongs.

This contemporary style comes with something that’s a little different. With it, this ring style is just one center stone without side stones. But, sometimes, the smaller stones can be set in the band.

Tension engagement ring settings have the advantage of an easy accommodation of any cut of stone. They don’t use prongs which allow more light to enter the stone and cause it to shine beautifully. 

  1. Mixed Metal Engagement Rings

There was a time when mixing metals was unheard of. But, engagement rings have continued to defy tradition more and more. We are all breaking the rules and now picking a mixed-metal engagement ring feels super fresh. It’s a bold way of showcasing your personality and style.

Also, it gives couples the opportunity to switch up more often. That’s if you intend to mix up your wedding band and engagement ring combination with your everyday jewelry. And if you’re a fan of ring stacks, incorporating a mixed-metal engagement ring into the mix feels incredibly modern.

A lot of brides prefer rings that feel special and sets them apart from the sea of lab-created diamond rings that saturate their social media feed. 

  1. Black Diamond Engagement Ring

A black diamond engagement ring is an epic choice either for an engagement ceremony or an anniversary. A natural black diamond ring is a unique style that expresses your feelings for your partner. So show them how much you love them by getting a black diamond engagement ring. 

These rings are made of:

  • 2-carat black diamond ring
  • 3-carat black diamond ring
  • 4-carat black diamond ring
  • Black diamond ring rose gold

You must note that the more carats there are, the higher the black diamond ring pieces are. A 4-carat black diamond ring is an expression of love. It will have your partner smiling and full of happiness.

If we’re to talk about style, black diamond solitaire engagement rings, black diamond white gold rings, and a black diamond infinity ring will serve the purpose. So if you have enough dollars to spare, be sure to give your partner this beautiful piece of jewelry.

That’s because apart from its uniqueness, this diamond engagement ring is also very expensive. But the carat is worth it as it’s an exquisite piece of jewelry that will make your partner stand out not just on your big day but for the rest of your lives. 

  1. Stacked Diamond Engagement Rings

Stacked engagement rings are a fun way of personalizing your partner’s look. That’s done by maximizing the rings with different colored metals, diamond cuts, sizes, and color.

You can also pile on a few skinny bands or add a vintage band. Alternatively, you can opt to add a family heirloom in the mix. Mixing up diamond shapes like a row of round brilliant cuts and pear shapes is fun.

Note that diamond rings also make for a great anniversary and milestone gift. You can build a sentimental stack of bands that grow over time. I mean, the more the merrier, right? 


To get an affordable but quality engagement ring, ensure that you buy from a reputable jeweler. You must also ensure that you do your research to find out whether the jeweler provides educational resources and disclosures. Also, check to find out whether you can return the ring if it’s not exactly what you want

You can also opt for lab-grown diamonds which are way more affordable than naturally mined ones. They both have the same physical and chemical properties so you are still ensured that your diamonds are real. Then, you can buy any engagement ring that your partner will love without breaking the bank.

Most importantly, remember that money does not equate to love. You shouldn’t go broke buying a ring just to show your partner how much you love and care for them. Have an open discussion with your soon to be wife about expectations and finances.

This will help to keep the two of you on the same page. It also serves to prepare both of you to successfully share your life together. So take time to talk about it, stick to the budget, and know your fiancé’s style.

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