8 Most Beautiful Beaches In Indonesia That Are Worth A Visit


Beach tourism is one of the exciting natural attractions that you should schedule to fill your vacation time to relieve fatigue so that your mind becomes refreshed. For those of you who want to go around the most beautiful beaches in Indonesia, the most beautiful beaches in Indonesia which we will review on this occasion will show you if not only Bali and Lombok which have beaches with beautiful panoramas. A vacation to the beach is the right choice to spend cheerful time with friends or loved ones and also just to unwind at the end of the week.

Our country has many exotic beaches that invite the amazement of local or foreign tourists and it’s a shame to leave it so you don’t need to go on a long vacation abroad.

1. Pink Beach, Lombok

Pink Beach

This beach is so special in the eyes of many visitors because according to its name, this beach has a unique pink sand. Most tourists want a panoramic view of the beach with a stretch of white sand combined with clear blue water. Another version says that this pink color is said to have come from coral debris and other biota that were swept to the mainland and united with the beach sand.

For tourists who want something different, this pink beach deserves to be a unique beach destination. It is pink because the white sand has merged with the red sand. The pleasure of visitors is not only enjoying the pink sand, but the panorama of the sea which is quite greenish blue and also really clear. There are only seven beaches with colored sand that can be found in the world and it is clear that the most beautiful is the one that Indonesia has.

Tourists can also snorkel to their heart’s content because the waters of Pink Beach have a variety of marine life to be found. However, all equipment for snorkeling must be brought by visitors themselves. Swimming in the sea is also safe because the waves are calm and small so it is safe for children. For another interesting experience, you can try exploring the mainland to meet the island’s popular inhabitants, the Komodo dragon.

2. Nihiwatu Beach, Sumba

Nihiwatu Beach

This beach holds a treasure trove of beautiful scenery which has white sand, super clear sea water and what really attracts the attention of tourists who arrive is the view of the super beautiful sunset. This beach is also included in CNN World’s 100 Best Beaches In The World occupying the 17th position. It has white sand, super clear sea water and what really attracts the attention of tourists who arrive is the view of the super beautiful sunset.

On Nihiwatu Beach is the amazing Nihiwatu Resort. Some of the activities that you can do here, one of which is diving, skating, enjoying the sunset or with local residents catching octopus and crabs.

3. Tanjung Bira, South Sulawesi

Tanjung Bira

The beach which is located at the southern tip of Sulawesi Island, its beauty is unquestionably Tanjung Bira where this clean and tidy beach area is truly amazing with the soft structure of the stretch of sand, anyone who comes to this place will be amazed and comfortable with coconut trees. lined up following the sturdy coral hills. Things you can do in Tanjung Bira are sunbathing, snorkeling, diving, and swimming.

Tourists in Tanjung Bira are also happy to see the sunrise and sunset are very beautiful. There is Goat Island and Liukang Island whose beauty can also be enjoyed by tourists. With its location in Bulukumba Regency, precisely in Bonto Bahari District, Tanjung Bira, a coastal area that has complete all facilities and amenities. In this place, some visitors can rent motorbikes, use comfortable bathrooms, and rent diving equipment.

4. Tomini Bay, Sulawesi

Tomini Bay

Tomini Bay is located in North Sulawesi. Because the place is not far from the equator or the equator, this beach is the right place to enjoy a relaxing time by sunbathing.

In the morning, you can enjoy the sunrise then rebuke some fishermen who come home from sailing. You can also do diving to see the diversity of marine life that is still natural. One more thing that can’t be left behind, fresh seafood that you can enjoy directly at restaurants located around the beach.

5. Pandawa Beach, Bali

Bali is often seen as a paradise for nature tourism with Lombok. Pandawa Beach is one of the secluded beaches in Bali and has the nickname The Secret Beach. Located in Kutuh Village, south of Bali. This beach is hidden behind high cliffs and bushes. Getting the nickname Secret Beach because some tourists who want to visit this beach have to be prepared with quite difficult access.

Pandawa Beach has snow-white sand and clear sea water. You will be spoiled by water sports activities such as canoeing and paragliding at Pandawa Beach. You can also swim in the clear sea water. If you arrive here in March, you can enjoy a cultural parade organized by Hindu-Buddhist followers.

6. Padang Padang Beach, Bali

Padang Padang Beach

Located in South Kuta District, precisely in Pecatu Village, Padang Padang Beach can be visited in an easy way in a short time. From Ngurah Rai Airport, you only need to travel 45 minutes to get to this place. The beach, which presents a beautiful panorama and various large corals, is one of the places used for shooting a film played by Julia Robert entitled “Eat, Pray, Love”. Some surfers also like this beach because the waves are very suitable for surfing. Often the world surfing competitions are held on this beach.

The uniqueness that can be found here includes the steep rocks and the shady hills as a beach background. The tourists can make the beach as a tourist destination to relieve fatigue which is quite interesting on the island of Bali.

7. Karimunjawa, Central Java

Karimunjawa is one of the choices for both local and foreign tourists for a vacation to enjoy the beauty of the beach. The beaches in the Karimunjawa archipelago are truly amazing. Visitors to Karimunjawa can enjoy sunbathing freely on the beautiful white sand, visit fishing villages, fishing or enjoying culinary specialties with Karimunjawa characteristics around the beach.

There are so many interesting activities that visitors can do in Karimunjawa. One of which is enjoying Sea Water Therapy. – Sea water made for therapy may be quite less familiar to us. Therapy that uses seaweed, mud, and sand is said to be able to make. The skin more beautiful and bright naturally. And it is believed that the problem of cellulite can also be lost by soaking in this sea water. The fact why this is so is because the sea water here contains mineral salts. That will bind the dirt in the skin so that the skin is fresher.

Visitors to Karimunjawa can also enjoy the view of shark breeding. Visitors can swim with sharks accompanied by a guide. So while swimming, you can play with the shark.

Snorkeling and diving are also activities that can be done in Karimunjawa. Karimunjawa is one of the best spots in Indonesia for diving and snorkeling. To capture the panorama of underwater life, don’t forget to bring your camera.

8. Raja Ampat, Papua

Raja Ampat is a place that includes a very special panorama. The advantage of this Raja Ampat tourism is that. Its beauty is so attractive that it can hardly be expressed in a few words. Sunset in Raja Ampat is an attraction. That is so favored by several domestic and foreign tourists. Not only that, the underwater life is really fantastic. So that some divers also really like to always come to this place

No less interesting is the existence of the same cliff as a human face. Please go to Waisai which is the capital of Raja Ampat Regency. At first glance, there is nothing strange, but when you look closely. You can find the shape of the human face. The stunning coral arrangement is another advantage that can be enjoyed. While in Raja Ampat apart from the sea which is very clear as clear as glass.

Indeed, the cost to enter Raja Ampat is quite expensive. But it will be paid off with the beautiful charm of Raja Ampat. So are you not interested in visiting this place? I’m sure you will be fascinated.

Actually there are many more beautiful beaches in Indonesia besides the beaches above that you can visit. We will discuss again some of the most beautiful beaches which certainly have their own uniqueness in another article.

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