At-Home Costumes You Can Make in a Snap!


No time to go out and shop? No problem! These costume ideas are perfect for when you need something quick and easy costumes that will make you feel festive in no time at all. Whether you’re trying to impress your friends or need something fun to wear to your next holiday party, we’ve got the perfect costume ideas for you! Check them out below!

DIY Ninja Turtle Costume

It’s true: Halloween is right around the corner. And it’s not just for trick or treaters anymore. A slew of Halloween parties will be taking place over October 31st weekend, and if you want to stand out from all of your other friends (who are going as sexy sushi), why not try to make one of these easy DIY costumes? We scoured Pinterest for some easy DIY costume ideas and found these costumes that even we can make from things we probably already have at home.

DIY Werewolf Costume

If you’re looking for something easy, uncomplicated and inexpensive, why not just be yourself? With just a few added touches to your everyday wardrobe, you can pull together your own DIY werewolf costume. Wear an oversized collared shirt that you can unbutton to reveal your hairy chest. Pull up your long sleeves for added coverage and add some fake hair on top of your head with spirit gum or by attaching it to an old baseball cap.

DIY Dracula Costume

Dracula is an iconic character who will never go out of style. If you’re on a budget and need a costume that won’t break your wallet, make sure to check out our DIY Dracula costume. This look can be made for as little as $10—and it includes everything you’ll need (unlike store-bought costumes that include items you won’t use). Need some more help?

DIY Monster Costume

There’s no need to go to a costume shop for high quality costumes that can be worn time and time again. Instead, you can dress up as Frankenstein or Dracula in an easy DIY costume that cost less than $30. This is a simple tutorial on how to put together an inexpensive homemade monster costume. All you will need are a couple of pieces of clothing, some makeup and some fake blood. This is an easy Halloween costume that anyone can make at home, even if they have limited sewing skills.

Buy Halloween costumes on sale

Halloween is an excellent time to purchase costumes on sale and DIY them at home. Most major costume chains have sales right before Halloween. Meaning you can get top quality outfits for up to 70% off—. And all you have to do is put them together. Read on to learn more about DIY costumes that are affordable, fun. And make sure you stay warm while trick or treating!

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