Chino Pants – Upgrade Your Look With their Different Types


Men’s clothing industry is revolutionalizing itself by introducing more comfortable products in the wardrobe. Chinos are becoming one of the most liked lower wear in terms of soft and easy wear. They have offered a variety of colors that were earlier a part of women’s clothing only. They are long-lasting and can be worn in routine. Though there are different types of chinos in the market, the definition of the best chino pants varies according to the requirement of the wearer. Here are a few types of chinos.

Types of chinos commonly worn

Basic chinos

They are based on the original design of chinos that were classic fit military pants for the US military. Its cotton was light and provided a dressy look for uniforms that require little care. This made the armed forces’ uniform hassle-free to maintain while maintaining its dignity. They are becoming a trending outfit with their versatility and suitability with every attire. More people are selecting the best chino pants due to their easy slide-in and long-lasting comfort.  

Cord chinos

Corduroy is a rigid fabric with raised cord or wale textile. Like velvet, they are derived from fustian fabric and exhibit channels between them. They offer a premium cotton look and have been made up from pile-cut yarn, which is later woven and cut into wales. 

Canvas 5 pocket chinos

It refers to the pants with the typical five pockets of dress trousers. Appearing like the traditional denim jean, they are actually crafted of cotton twill, which makes them light wear. The cut of these pants fits loosely through the leg, making them ideal for wearing for long hours. They are extremely handy and can accommodate many essentials within. As other lower wears are cutting costs by minimizing the number of pockets to 2 or 3, these chinos are emerging as one of the most demanded men smart casual outfits

Pleated chinos

Pleated chinos have fold along the waist that  carried toward the front. They give a naturally formal looks and can  worn on formal occasions or events. The leg of the trousers is well tapered towards the ankles or has cropped ankles. Some chinos also have traditional hem lengths and offer a great alternative to pants with shirts. Initially made for specific body types, they have upgraded themselves with time to fit every body structure. It is just a matter before anyone finds the right fitting and enjoys their comfort.    

Everyday chinos

This term refers to everyday chinos that have become a common sighting in today’s world. Though some may have pleats, most of them offer decent chinos for your everyday work. They pair well with a t-shirt or polo, which is the most worn upper wear. If styled well, chinos can become an inevitable part of men’s wardrobes, offering a great choice to wear under almost everything. They  available in a variety of shade to match your every piece of clothes and be worn for every occasion. These are one of the best chino pants in terms of usability.

Flannel chinos

Flannel is one of the best chinos pants for multi-seasonal use. They  crafted from flannel fabric which has high breathability. Though loosely woven, they are naturally warmer than cotton. It retains the warmth for a long duration and serves best for cold, damp conditions. They  popularly inscribed with linings of the shade matched with the chino and bring a classic look. Let it be gatherings during winter or working in an office, these pants are an ideal choice throughout the chill season.


Chinos are in great demand in the entire clothing market. Though available in many types, each with unique benefits, it is hard to pin out the best chino pants. Irrespective of the variety, every chino is design for comfortable and long-lasting wear. 

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