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Near year eve celebrations call for a lot of preparations and decorations. It marks the beginning of a new and beautiful phase. What better way than to add a spark of nature to your home? 

Investing in plants can be of great impetus to your mind and body. With the rising awareness of more and more plantations, people have become keen to buy plants. Even gifting plants occasionally is regarded as one of the most loving activities. The options widen with the availability of plants online. Yes, you read that right!

Plants online in Australia have become a new trend. You no longer have to get out of your home and buy. It gets done by sitting at home and choosing the best you want for yourself or your loved ones. 

A Variety Of Plants Are Available Online

Following are the plants available online that you can bring home:-


Monstera belongs to the species of evergreen tropical vines. It can thrive in regular sunlight. Exposing it to too much light or warmth is not need. Watering Monstera on alternate days can benefit it. The gaps are a must for the soil to retain moisture. 

Mild humidity is required for this plant to grow; keeping a mist or diffuser can significantly help. Taking care of pests is essential as plant leaves can easily catch pests.


The botanical name of this plant is Philodendron spp. It is a brilliant choice to purify your home’s air, which is why it is a great indoor plant. It has large, green glossy leaves, which are incredibly eye-catching. They are well-known for their easy-growing habits. The vining species usually grow longer and need support to expand fully, whereas the non-vining species grow upright. Philodendron has a fast growth rate. 


Alocasia belongs to the family of Araceae. They have arrowhead-shaped leaves. These plants need extra humidity for optimal growth. So even after they lose their leaves, they sprout out of the energy stored in bulbs. 


Anthurium plants  often called flamingos flowers because of their unique characteristics, like bright colour leaves with red and white shades. This can live up to five years or even more, depending on your giving. They cannot be expose to direct sunlight except in winter. A moist potting mix is appropriate for the growth of this plant. Most of the anthuriums are ‘epiphytic’ in nature. They climb on other plants to grow. They prefer high-humidity temperatures up to 85 degrees. 

Rose plants

We can always remember rose plants if we talk about plants online in Australia. The most eye-pleasing flower that can be is the Rose. Growing a rose plant at home will not just make your home a beautiful one but as much as will also make your heart smile.  There are a variety of roses available online, like bush roses, climbing roses, and potted roses. Lighten your home with the best choice you can make!

Triple splash

It belongs to the family of Acanthaceae. They  commonly known as the polka dot plant. Usually it  grown inside, but it can also be grown outside with sufficient sunlight and routine care, as it can be survive temperatures up to 16 degrees. They can be plant using a seed or a stem cutting in moist soil. 


Just like you buy online stuff for your household, likewise plants online in Australia should be checked too. Who is imagine that plant could be purchase online? The e-commerce strategy has made it convenient. We scroll down the screen, and everything gets deliver to the door in no time. You need proper attention towards the plant you have planted and make your place a happy home!

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