Fashion Curiosities, Remember When Jeans Were Worn Backwards


Undoubtedly, social networks have served to implement new canons of fashion.

There are trends that did not last long, one of them was to wear jeans in this way. Remember when jeans were worn backwards. And it’s not about turning them over and leaving the inner side out, it was all logic in the design. The pockets and “ears” of the jeans were on the legs and not on the waist.

Do you remember this trend? In addition to being applicable in jeans, they were also used in pants of all kinds of fabrics. The part of the waistband, the closure and the pockets now shine on the feet, while in the part of the waist there is a much cleaner and straighter cut, as if they were the feet of the same.

They looked elegant, daring and even funny. Not all the designs were good, you had to have a lot of “eye” at the time of making.

Remember when jeans were worn backwards

Even in the shorts this design was also used. Imagine yourself with short shorts and long boots, you sure looked great and original.

How was he born? Well, someone had the idea of wearing the top of her bikini upside down and this trend passed to jeans.

Thank God it didn’t get bigger, even the jeans looked good.

And if you didn’t know how to make pants of this type, it was going to be quite expensive.

The Daily Mail medium reported that the short version of this garment could be found for more than 500 dollars.

The long jeans were about 671 dollars. A passing and expensive fad.

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