Junket o Press Junket : What Media Need to Know?


The Junket or Press-Junket is an American creation that explains an event whose purpose is to promote a film before its premiere .

This word frequently used in the world of cinema refers to a press conference in which the media ( Television , magazines , radio , among others) are called in order to interview the creators of the film such as: the director , the producer and the protagonists.

Every film for its promotion has a junket. This session is usually held one to two weeks before the film ‘s national release and is organized by the distributor.

The objective of this call is to carry out a campaign to launch a film prior to its release in movie theaters. The Junket is a promotional tool that serves to get the film to a greater number of people through press releases, articles, the Internet, videos, etc. However, there is a cost that is usually one of the highest in the promotion campaign, and it is the distribution who is in charge not only of the organization but also of managing the rental costs of the room, the copy of the DCP for the projection of the film to the media, as well as travel and food for the technical and artistic team. The amount of the expenses may vary depending on whether it is a movienational or international.

Advantages :

The Junket is an ally for the campaign of a film before its premiere since it can reach a large number of people who may be potential viewers.
It is an opportunity to learn about the film and about some details of its creation and content before the premiere.
You can learn a little more about the experience of the cast of the film.

It’s a cost that can vary depending on the type of film and casting, and can be difficult to organize for low-budget films .
In general, journalists do not have much time to ask their questions, since they generally have between 7 and 10 minutes maximum each other to interview the cast .
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