Kotor Guide for Digital Nomads


Working as a digital nomad gives you the freedom to do your work from a different city, country or continent every month. Not having a physical office to go to but relying solely on your laptop and internet connection to keep you going and completing your tasks is becoming a dream job for thousands of people worldwide. If you’re a digital nomad looking for a new place to spend time, Kotor in Montenegro offers exceptional opportunities to digital nomads. Not only is it more affordable than neighboring Italy or Croatia, but it’ll make you feel at home quicker than any other European destination. Want to learn more? Keep reading for the ultimate Kotor guide for digital nomads.

Easy to work from a café

Are you one of the digital nomads who prefer to work from a public place rather than stay at home or in a coworking space? Kotor is chock-full of cafes where you can do your daily tasks. Imagine yourself drinking your morning cup of espresso by the sea, with the summer breeze in your hair and the waves crashing against the shore. Quite idyllic, isn’t it? Friendly locals will gladly offer you comfortable places to work as long as you keep ordering your drinks or snacks. Nobody likes a guest that stays an entire morning and only drinks one cup of coffee. Remember to be considerate and pay for your stay, considering it’ll cost significantly less than a fee at a coworking space. 

Affordable to settle down for a while

Once you’ve spent some time in Kotor, you will get a desire to stay there for a longer period than initially planned. Montenegro is more affordable to live in than other European countries. For instance, if you travel as a couple and decide to stay in Kotor for a month, your living costs won’t go over $1000, including the rent. So, considering buying a home in Kotor is worth considering. If you ever decide to do it, browse Kotor homes for sale online and look for a reliable realtor to help you pick the perfect property. You can find affordable homes in some of the most sought-after locations in Montenegro. 

Great place for exploring

Kotor is one of the most scenic and fascinating cities in Montenegro. Its rich history, outstanding architecture, and laid-back vibe make it ideal for digital nomads. You can take your time to explore and enjoy the city year-round. Kotor becomes exceptionally crowded during summer when tourists come there for vacation. Off-season, you can use the chance to explore the Bay of Kotor, as well as all the other surrounding areas that make that part of Montenegro exceptional. A trip to Tivat, Igalo or Herceg Novi will be a great experience, allowing you to work while exploring some of the most beautiful parts of Montenegro. Montenegro is a small country which means you can rent a car and explore the neighboring cities of Kotor in record time. 

You won’t have to worry about the language barrier

One of the biggest worries for many digital nomads is the language barrier they might come across once they settle for a while in a foreign country. Another benefit of settling in Kotor as a digital nomad is that you won’t have to worry about communication with the locals. Being one of the most popular tourist locations in Montenegro, the locals speak English well, and you won’t have to learn another foreign language. It’s always kind to learn how to say Hello, Thank You, and Goodbye and similar basic words, to show you enjoy spending time in a foreign country and that you appreciate the locals.

You’ll enjoy the climate

As a seaside destination, Kotor is known to have a very agreeable climate year-round. While summers are often warm and invite you to enjoy plenty of sunbathing, other seasons tend to be mild and very enjoyable. If you’re not a fan of freezing temperatures, head to Kotor during winter. Summer is the only season that’ll make Kotor look like the most bustling city in the world, so during other seasons, you’ll feel like you’re at a calm retreat where you can do your work without the disruptions of noisy tourists. 

Final thoughts

Kotor is an excellent destination for digital nomads. Low living costs, no language barrier, pleasant climate, and scenic surroundings make Kotor one of the best cities in Montenegro for digital nomads. So, if you’re looking for a new European destination for your nomadic life, Kotor will be more than worth considering. 

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