Mistakes To Avoid While Picking Indoor Or Outdoor Coffee Tables


Buying an outdoor coffee table doesn’t limit to just the size and color!

Many structural and functional aspects need real consideration because it is people’s ultimate investment in their homes and loved spaces. Everybody looks up to having a perfect table to complement their home area, but are you paying attention to the tiniest of crucial details before buying a coffee table? You probably are not!

Incorrect size and shape can default your space and make it look plain. An imbalance of proportions around the table can trouble you in many ways, and you might even get hurt.

Below we have handpicked some essential points that you should avoid before buying a coffee table, have a look:-

Think Before Buying A Coffee Table For Your Home Setting


  • Don’t Make A Hasty Choice.

You can get influenced by a coffee table that somebody has bought and put it on social media. You may go and buy the same thing and doubt your purchase afterward. Purchasing a coffee table in a rush can annoy you later because it is not a tiny object that you have added to your home but rather a bulky one!

What suits other peoples’ homes might not fit yours as there is a lot of variety in the structures inside and outside. You must understand what exactly you need for your space. So get a clear idea of what you need, not what looks pretty in the picture. 

  • Unattentive To The Proportion

If your coffee table does not compliment the background, it will have a muted impact. For instance, installing a giant coffee table in an already compact place will crowd the environment, and if your space is quite ample, a small table won’t justify the space. So picking an indoor or outdoor coffee table depends on the type of space they will be in. You must be attentive to the table’s proportions and strike a perfect balance between your coffee table and the surroundings.


  • Mindless Of The Height And Weight

Isn’t it awkward if your table is too high or too low? You will not be comfortable!

Resting your feet on a countertop or your knees getting blocked are minor issues you should consider avoiding beforehand. Always be mindful of the dimensions of objects that you will keep around or on top of your coffee table. Buying the right size in terms of length and width is essential to raise the charm and ambiance of your home. The height, which is regarded as a standard one, is around 16- 19 inches. Make sure that you pick the right one for your space!

  • Unsuitable Material

Sharp and glossy material used in making your coffee table can be troublesome in terms of the risk and maintenance it can pose, especially if you have children at home. Who would want stains on the shiny surface of their table? Making the right choice from the variety available is a must, as there are cherry, walnut, oak, glass, and brass coffee tables in the market. Prepare a list of clearance rules you want and seek practical solutions before buying. For example, tables made of cherry and walnut can offer you a formal look; on the other hand, maple and oak give a casual appearance. 

  • Inappropriate Shape

You wouldn’t prefer bumping to the edges of your table now and then and of course, having children at home makes it a point of concern that you choose the right shape of the table. A round or oval-shaped outdoor coffee table is perfect if you have a small space. A rectangular table can be an excellent choice for a vast area. There must be adequate walking space between and around the table. Different shapes impart variety in experiences, too, as it is believed that tables with round shapes make a warming and welcoming impact. 

Let’s infer

You can elevate the aura of your home with great indoor and outdoor coffee tables available online and offline. Before making this significant investment, ensure you weigh everything you must avoid for a secure future.

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