The desired thermal blinds that help you save on heating return to Lidl


If you are looking for thermal blinds you are in luck. Lidl has just replaced its blinds that are sold out every time they go on sale.

Winter has weeks left to make an appearance on the peninsula. And that makes many homes begin to prepare for the drop in temperatures. This situation should not cause many problems for the population. But with the prices of gas and electricity. What is brewing is a search for passive air conditioning alternatives such as thermal shutters .

During the winter months, it is almost mandatory to keep the house at an acceptable temperature. But it is also necessary to ensure that the heat generated in the house does not escape. So as not to have to turn on the heating for long periods. When it comes to solving this, there are proposals such as thermal blinds that work quite well.


Its advantages over other passive air conditioning methods are such that we have even made a guide to learn everything you need about this type of thermal shutter and, above all, how to get the most out of it when using it. And, it is that their popularity is such that they had been sold out at Lidl for quite some time.

Now the thermal blinds that everyone seems to need are back in stock at Lidl. Of course, we will have to hurry to be able to get hold of them since the different models have less and less stock. In fact, at the time of writing these lines, there are fewer and fewer models available.

The thermal blinds with which to combat the cold and save on heating are available again
At the level of variety, we find two different models, one elongated and the other wider. The two models have the same price, which is 14.99 euros, which makes it a product that is sold out whenever it is available on the Lidl website. There are three available measures so you will have to pay attention to them when buying .

The thermal blind is divided into three sizes that are 80 centimeters wide together 130 centimeters long, 60 centimeters wide, and 130 centimeters long, and the last, 100 centimeters wide together 130 centimeters long. There are only two colors available: white and blue.

Taking all this into account, the success of these blinds sold by Lidl is better understood. They may be extremely desirable, but it is also true that the sizes limit their compatibility quite a bit since in the case of having larger windows they cannot be adapted. It would be nice if they had more variety of sizes for these thermal blinds.

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