The Ultimate Guide to stylish watches for your kids


Deciding to give your little one a watch on their birthday? Or your little one is head over heels for their favorite character’s watch and now you have no option left? Or looking for an affordable Christmas gift for the kid next door? Well, watch out for these watches and tips before starting to look out on other websites. A good watch wouldn’t be one that the kid keeps in his cupboard but the one which he/she looks forward to wearing and is proud of even after years. Having that said, have a look over the factors that define a “good watch” for the kids.  

First is material.

We can see a huge variety of watches in the market, each having a belt made of different material, a glass of different material, and so on. Having a watch with good quality material is essential because a bad strap can cause irritations and allergies on their little hands. While a glass-based material over the dial poses a greater risk as compared to plastic-based glass materials in case of an accident. Hence, watch for various Watchshopping promo codes all around the year for quality-tested kids’ watches. Make sure to collect them.

Next thing to keep in mind if you’re buying a watch for a toddler or a kid less than 10 years of age is that they don’t know how to take care of a watch. You don’t want to keep going to the watchmaker’s shop now and then just because your kid had the watch on while playing or washing their hands! 

No watch is comparable to the watch with the child’s favorite cartoon characters’ photo or theme. A child’s world is that of their characters and they are living in it. Hence, giving them a cartoon-based watch can bring a wide smile to their faces. If you’re looking for watches for a kid more than 10 years of age, a watch with a casual red/ black/ green/ white theme works best for boys. As for the girls, pink and floral designs are preferable. Use Proozy discount codes to get your child their favorite watch!

Size of the Dial

Finally, the final thing to keep in mind is the size of the dial: it should neither be too big nor too small. A good/ preferable size for a watch’s dial matches the width of the wrist. A bigger watch might overpower their little hands while on the other side, a smaller dial might look weird on their hands. 

To narrow down the huge number of companies available in the market, the companies that make great watches for toddlers are Titan, Fastrack, and Disney. The watches produced by these brands are famous among the masses due to their rough and tough nature of use, and cost-effective and water-resistant features. Visit the Watchshopping shopping website to have a look over the properties of your favorite watches before buying them! 

Having that said, let’s loop over some of the watches that qualify for the general list of “good watches for the kids’ list”: 

Sport Watches

The first one on the list is a sport watch similar to a G-Shock. The material, the color, the water resistance, and the shock absorption are some of the qualities that make it a great choice for kids above 13 years of age and even youngsters. Rough materials that provide durability and a digital plus analog type clock with radium hands adds to the beauty of the watches. If you’re looking for something that the kid would happily wear even after years and flaunt about in front of their friends, then this is your pick. Titan and Fastrack are some prominent brands that manufacture such watches in a wide range of colors such as camouflage, black, and golden-red at affordable prices. Check out the Watchshopping sale on sport watches to get the best fit. 


The next ones on the list are the typical Timex watches with a digital clock system and a nylon belt. Just like the previous one, the comfort and durability given by these watches make them popular among kids and youngsters. These watches go on with your sports costume, your casual wear. Adding to this, the belt has great adjustability and hence can be worn around for a good period, if used properly.

Disney kids’ watches

The next up on the list is the Disney kids’ watches. These watches are based on popular cartoons like Mickey Mouse, princesses, etc. adding to this, they have different collections out for the male and female counterparts. The watches are available in both formats: digital and analog format. The analog ones often have a picture of the character as the background. Analog-based watches like this are a great way to interact with and tutor children about time. Keeping this in mind, make sure to redeem and use Watchshopping coupons on the buyout to get exciting discounts.

Casio Watches

Casio watches are next up on the list. The stainless steel bodies, digital and analog-based clocks, water-resistant properties, and durability are some of the common features offered by Casio watches. These watches give a decent finish to your suits and other casual wear. Nevertheless, these can be used for regular day-to-day use, depending on the preferences and choices of the user. Don’t miss the Watchshopping offers while shopping for one of these!


The final watch on this list is the smartwatch. If your kid is over 13, smartwatches can be a great option. The present-day smartwatches, which include SOS services and other accident alert measures along with the GPS are a great tool for parents to ensure the safety and well-being of their kids. The various colors and the overall look make smartwatches a good choice not just among teenagers, but also the Gen-Zs. The only bad side of a smartwatch is the cost. They do cost quite a lot, but the services provided by them overpower the “cost” factor which can be taken care of using Watchshopping coupon codes.

In a nutshell, various watches have different mottos. Again, users’ choices and preferences affect the “best watch” for each individual differently. Some prefer choosing sporty looks for everyday use, but some find a Casio watch as a great supplement for their everyday attire. The watches above are in different sections based on their durability, features, looks, and user-friendliness. Check out the Watchshopping deals to find out the watch that goes best with you.

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