Use a consistent, compelling style.


Because Instagram is all about pictures, you must have a consistent style. There are thousands of articles about ‘Instagram aesthetics’ for a good reason! It’s about more than just making your feed look fantastic, though. The styling on your feed helps tie Instagram to your branding, keeping it recognizable to customers. Not only that, but keeping your aesthetic consistent can even spark inspiration when you need more ideas.

When deciding your aesthetic, the primary thing should be keeping it on-brand. Question what sort of posts you’ll be sharing. What colors suit your brand? How do you want your followers to feel when they look at your feed? What do you enjoy posting about?

By creating a great style on your feed, you’re also telling followers what to expect. That helps potential followers and customers decide if they want to follow you. Then, when you add new followers, keep up with the same kind of content with similar styling – it’s working.

Use hashtags

Some experts suggest that using a certain number of hashtags is the optimal number – 10, 15, maybe. But when you’re starting, you’re trying to reach as many people as possible. Since you can add up to 30 hashtags to a post, use them!

That said, keeping them relevant to your brand and your products is essential. Avoid widely used hashtags like #love or #OOTD (outfit of the day) that have been used thousands of times. If you’re a niche seller, using relevant hashtags is even more critical. If your post features a Robin Hood fancy dress outfit (because why not?), you might use hashtags:

Of course, you could still add #ootd to your post here, but only if it is relevant. If you’re going to an event in that fancy dress costume, tag it or use their hashtag. Anyone searching for that hashtag will see your post – even if that is for the following year’s event! Make sure you’re playing the long game here.

Don’t add these hashtags to your caption. Instead, add your post and caption, as usual, then add your list of hashtags to the first comment on your post. By adding your hashtags to the first comment, no one will see those hashtags as more observations are made! That means your post gets found when people search without cluttering up your caption.

You might worry that people will see your hashtags because you’re just starting. Don’t worry about this. Your hashtags will move down the list and out of sight as comments are made. Additionally, your posts will rank higher for those hashtags as your followers increase, increasing your credibility and your post’s visibility. This is a small trade-off for the odd follower wondering why you’re posting all those hashtags in your comments.

In-depth strategies to get more Instagram followers

Now you’ve got the basics covered, there’s another world of strategies to look at! Each one takes time, and some work well with others, so don’t use this as a checklist. Only some of these strategies are going to be suitable for some businesses. Read through, choose the right ideas for your business and build those followers carefully!

Instagram engagement groups

This can be a tactic that works well, especially for those new to buy instagram followers singapore. It’s been proven that one of the fastest ways to grow your following is by using Facebook! This cunning idea is that you join a Facebook group – or several – and members will like and follow your account. There are hundreds of these groups, so find the ones that are right for you. That might not mean the most prominent groups, especially if you’re working within a particular niche.

It’s good etiquette to follow and like back – these groups run on goodwill. If you’re the guy that joins up, takes the likes, and follows but doesn’t give back, you risk being removed. You don’t need that kind of negativity this early on in your campaign to find new followers! Make sure you’re repaying the favor. You never know who might be involved in the group that might help your business take off.

You can expect to gain up to 2000 new followers in just a few weeks using Instagram engagement groups. It’s not a long-term strategy, but it could be worth following in the first few weeks your account is live.

And it’s important to say you might not see thousands of sales from these followers, but that’s OK. This is all part of a much bigger, long-term strategy. With more Instagram followers comes more brand awareness; you’ll start seeing additional sales.



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