What is a fashion monitor? What are the advantages of fashion monitors?


Fashion monitor has an important meaning for many people. In addition to the functional aspect of protection (against sun, cold, and injuries,) and the aspect of decency (it is not done in our society to walk around naked in public spaces), clothing also has a distinctive function.

Clothing offers group distinction:

 Just think of sports teams, school uniforms, and youth clubs; for example, fashion monitor has separate clothing for various fashion monitors. Moreover, there is also occasion clothing for weddings, funerals, and holidays, Sometimes people wear clothing to indicate that they want to belong to something: supporters of a football club, a subculture, or a group of believers. In the church, there is also liturgical clothing and different colors have their meaning.

Fashion Monitors becomes a sign of identity

Fashion has become a sign of identity in today’s Western society. In the streets and at school, the most diverse costumes and a diversity of styles can be found. People experiment with clothing and accessories and are thereby influenced by fashion monitors, influencers on YouTube and social media, celebrities, and peers, behind every style there can be a certain way of life that the person identifies with, although this does not always have to be the case.

Fashion monitors express yourself

With clothes that fit you, you can express yourself. This realization starts at a young age. For some twelve or thirteen-year-olds, wearing the right trousers is more important than for others. Young people often feel strongly about their clothing and are in the tension of being unique and adopting the common characteristics of the group to which they belong. The shaping and expression of one’s own identity through clothing does not always go without opposition. Despite the emphasis on self-expression and individuality in our society, also through clothing, people who do not color within the lines (of fashion, expectations, and norms) and have a separate clothing style, sometimes have to deal with prejudices and criticism. The clothes people wear certainly determine the first impression others have of them. This first impression does not always correspond to reality.


There is also a close connection between religion and clothing. In certain cases, clothing allows one to identify with the religious community to which one belongs and to distinguish oneself from others. This sometimes causes friction. Just think of the headscarf issue, which is the day’s order in various Western countries with peaks and troughs. But clothing can also be used within religious communities to distinguish oneself, such as the characteristic clothing of certain brother and sister communities, the clothing that distinguishes the priest from the people during the liturgical service, etc.

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