Who is the No 1 Photographer in World?


There is no definitive answer to this question Photographer in World as there is a multitude of talented photographers out there who could lay claim to the title. However, if we looked at some of the key criteria that make up a great photographer, then we could narrow down the field somewhat. Some of the factors that we would consider include technical ability, originality, creativity, and vision.

With these things in mind, here are 10 photographers who we believe could lay claim to being the best in the world. 1. Annie Leibovitz is one of the most iconic photographers of our generation.

She has shot some of the most famous faces on Earth and her images have become instantly recognizable. Her style is unique and her ability to capture emotion in her subjects is second to none. Annie Leibovitz is a true master of her craft.

2. Steve McCurry is best known for his work in Afghanistan during the 1980s Soviet occupation. His images from this time period are some of the most memorable war photographs ever taken.

McCurry has since gone on to shoot a wide variety of subjects all over the world and his work continues to amaze us with its beauty and insightfulness. 3 . Sebastião Salgado

Sebastião Salgado is a Brazilian social documentary photographer who has captured some amazing scenes throughout his career. His black and white images are particularly striking and really help convey emotion and atmosphere within his photographs. Salgado’s commitment to his artistry is evident in every frame he takes – he truly is one of the greats.

4 . Jimmy Nelson is a British photographer whose work focuses on indigenous cultures around the world that are slowly disappearing due to modernization. He spends months with each tribe he photographs, getting to know them intimately before he even picks up his camera. This results in incredibly powerful images that offer rare insights into these fascinating cultures. 
5 . Mary Ellen Mark 
Mary Ellen Mark was an American photojournalist who spent her career documenting those living on society’s margins. Her photos often contained elements of tragedy, but they also had an undeniable humanity running through them.

Mark was able to see beauty in everyone she photographed, regardless of their circumstances. Which made her one heck of a photographer . 6 Bruce Davidson Bruce Davidson is an American photographer who first gained recognition for his series “Brooklyn Gang” which documented teenage gang members in New York City during 1959-1960. He has since gone on to produce several other significant bodies of work, including “East 100th Street” which looked at life amongst residents living below the poverty line in East Harlem. Regardless of what he’s shooting, Davidson always manages to produce moving and insightful photos. 7 Alex Webb Alex Webb is an American street photographer known for his use of color photography. He often captures moments full of action or potential violence, yet somehow still manages to infuse them with humor and irreverence. Webb’s photos always seem teeming with life – they jump off the page (or screen) and demand your attention.
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