You’ve probably heard of Seint cosmetics. Their incredibly instagrammable compacts are all over the internet. Naturally, I learned about the HAC highlight or contour compacts while they were still known as Maskcara Beauty in Real Simple magazine. The HAC approach is not brand-new, but Seint palettes made it easier for everyone to apply and use your goods so that anyone may enjoy the advantages of enhancing the natural bone structure.

But it took me a while before I gave one of the compacts & brushes a go. I was prepared to get colour matched and make my own judgments until my buddy Annie began working together as a beauty artists.

This page is for you if you’ve heard of Seint makeup and are curious about what it is, how to use it, or why they hire makeup artists. We’ll address all of your concerns regarding Seint’s cosmetics, starting with the most crucial one: Is Seint makeup cost-effective?


If Seint is unfamiliar to you, it is a cosmetics firm that sells exclusively online or through artists. Working with an artist to colour match you and choose things that suited for you is the greatest way to shop. Even though I had experience with cosmetics, I discovered that having a professional was much more beneficial than looking through the hundreds of hues available online because of the distinctive manner Seint discount code applies foundation.


Seint just uses the highlight or contour colours to make your foundation, as opposed to other foundations that require you to choose one base colour and use it to create a blank canvas over your skin by erasing any natural colouring before adding on the bronzer, or highlighter, or blush on top of that. This entails using less makeup on your face, which prevents it from settling into fine wrinkles and clogging pores and putting greater emphasis on face contouring. The makeup does offer sufficient coverage and may be applied in layers to hide flaws, blemishes, etc., so you can choose where to apply further layers and where not to for a foundation that is completely tailored to your face.

Therefore, if you’re currently utilising a bag full of items to meticulously contour your face, you might really enjoy how efficient and straightforward Seint cosmetics must make your routine. Additionally, the compacts offer spaces for blush, lip gloss, and even eyeshadows, which I found is being highly pigmented with little fallout. These palettes make travelling with makeup a breeze because all you need is your palette, a few brushes, & mascara. You won’t even need eyeliner when you’re using dark eyeshadow as eyeliner.


You may enhance your natural features with HACing and give the impression that you always have the best lighting while you’re out and about. Instead of ghosting your face with one hue all over and adding it back on in several layers, this guide draws attention to your eyes, makes them appear larger, sculpts cheekbones, illuminates important areas, slims noses, and gives your face dimension. In the end, it equates to less makeup with the same high effect or more than you’re accustomed to.

The compact method perfectly adapted to your skin tones or preferences and enables you to simply purchase what you need if you need it. When you’re done for them or when your skin changes with the seasons, you can move and swap out the tiles. Because you have a favourite hue, you never forced to employ a palette of colours you detest.

Fewer waste results from this as well. No more searching through makeup bags or having six tubes or bottles thanks to the streamlined design. All of the items are dual-purpose; for example, the contour may used as brow filler and eyeliner.

The system makes it possible for even the most inexperienced makeup users to feel at ease and pick up easy cosmetic application techniques. So, you get access to an artist for being willing to assist you at no cost along the journey.

Additionally, aesthetics are important, so you’ll appreciate the packaging, which frequently updated with fresh designs.


The most skin-like cosmetics you have ever seen is cream. It appears the most natural since it resembles skin the best of any medium. Due to the natural oils we create, the cream foundation maintains the natural luminosity of our skin. It also glides gently with our face, so it never seems mask-like.

You can choose where to use more or where to use less of it, and it isn’t thick and cakey or utterly different from the texture of our skin.

Because both liquid and powder foundations may be very drying to the skin, many of them now contain a lot of skin-care elements that will temporarily replace all the moisture that they are robbing the skin. Most of them are also clogging your pores, which can lead to pimples and inflammatory skin conditions.

Since cream already contains moisture, it seals in moisture while allowing the skin to breathe throughout the day, which is essential for healthy, happy skin.


The palettes 12 or 18 are the best places to start when learning how to use Seint. Since they provide you space for both your initial products. And future purchases without the need to buy another palette.

You Need to start out with perfectly matched highlight & contour, a highlight shade that resembles a lightbulb, 1-2 options for the lips and cheeks, an illuminator, and a couple of double-ended brushes designed especially for cream makeup. You can use your personal brushes if you own them. But it will be simpler to apply cosmetics. If you buy at least one of the two-sided brushes made specifically for it.

Our Vanilla Dust setting powder should also added if you have oily skin a bit of the time.

If you enjoy having a golden glow throughout the year. Consider adding a bronzer bundle. Which costs $40 and contains a cream bronzer. And the amazing blush + bronzer brush.

Grab a perfector sponge to quickly blend makeup and take off any extra product. As well as a brush cleanser to maintain everything clean. Stop breakouts or bacteria buildup, and condition your brushes.

You’ll truly appreciate the convenience of having it all in one spot. If you add eyeshadow or brow filler to your basic kit! Value it.

The good news is that you may gradually expand your collection. You can use your compact to add highlighter, contour, and blush if you only want to attempt the HAC approach. But if you want to know what colours to use, use an artist. I’ve been doing makeup for a very long time. And Annie suggested colours that. I never would have chosen on my own but was absolutely right.


Yes. Make sure your makeup is the right hue first. You want a different shade if it’s too light, too dark, too yellow, too orange, doesn’t last all day. Or doesn’t provide adequate coverage.

Although oily skin may take a few extra procedures, it can still benefit from HACing, the Seint system, and moisturisers.

Make sure you’re drinking enough water and giving your skin enough moisture. When skin doesn’t have enough moisture, it will occasionally overcompensate by creating more oil. You already remember this if you’ve used the oil cleanser technique. Putting more oil in oily skin seems paradoxical, yet it works.

Before wearing makeup, you can use a silicon-free primer. A good one is illamasque. Always use a setting powder, including vanilla dust, to fix your makeup. To seal your appearance, use a light-setting spray towards the end.

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